Born: 1981
Current Residence: Bellingham, Washington, USA

2/5/00: A friend in high school told me her liasion with a married couple she knew. And suddenly it dawned on me in the strangest way that "I could be gay." That's the simple version of it. I don't why it seemed like such a surprise at the time.  I spent plenty of time in my childhood flipping through Penthouse and reading about threesomes—granted, I am not sure if [it] really gave me any idea of reality/being queer. I always supported gay civil rights but just never considered myself "one of them." The whole process of going from "I'm straight" to "I'm bi" took around a month.  A few more months and I said "I'm lesbian." And now after a couple years I say "I'm queer."  Looking back I debate if it was a choice. At least to say now I can't imagine ever being straight again.

I believe that I chose to be queer because it seemed perfectly normal.  I never thought that being gay was evil or bad. But I just didn't realize the option for a while. I cho(o)se to acknowledge/discuss my queerness as a way of fighting homophobia. I choose to have queer relationships because it makes me happy. Possibly [the choice was influenced by biology], I have troubles thinking that I could go through my whole life without being queer. But I don't think that proves any definitive answer to the question.

I don't think I was like the typical "I hate myself because I am queer but I have to be who I am" scenario. And I never really sat down and said to myself that turning queer was a conscious choice, it just kinda *happened*. But I do think every choice I make that encourages my queerness makes me feel better. i.e. choosing to be open with people has given me a lot more confidence.

It seems I hear a lot of people claiming it's biological but there are still many that say it's a choice. Either way, I notice that if the person doesn't like queers, it doesn't matter what theory they adhere to, they find a way to "prove" how wrong and evil we are.

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