Jayelle Lukash

Nickname: Jae

Craft Name: Violet Stormchaser

Born: March 11, 1974
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida, USA

4/19/00: I'm Bisexual, and I don't think I chose that.  However, as a Bisexual person, choice IS my sexual orientation.  I can suppress my Queerness and pretend to be like any heterosexual woman—but why?  I think I challenge both the homophobes and the "born-that-way" Queers.  Our civil rights shouldn't have to depend on biology—after all, religion isn't biological, either, and that's protected.

I'm a Witch (eclectic, Vodoun-Witchcraft syncretist), a hard-core hip-hop fan, Libertarian, feminist, pro-speech, and pro-life.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I am in a duogamous relationship with Katarina and Randle.

I have several mailing lists of my own.  I'm working on my homepage.  My ONElists are:

Southern hip-hop

Pro-lifers who AREN'T Christian conservatives!

Pagan/Christian discussion


global hip-hop

Blessed be!


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