Jayson Hopkins

Nickname: Bear

Born: September 20, 1977
Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

8/9/05: hello, all. my name is Jayson Hopkins. i am gay, and have discovered this about 15 years ago, but have just recently come out partially within the last year. my family knows, and 1 close friend. i have recently just found a friend to whom i hopefully will begin a monogamous relationship. i have no real experience, as i just came out, and neither has he. but i've always felt an attraction to other men. i don't know why, but i have. it's something i am learning to accept, and feel comfortable with. i am also native american and pacific islander. i'm 27, but will be 28 as of 9/20/05. i have also just told this girl i was dating that i am gay, so, life is full of drama lately. i am also a mormon convert. but my bishop doesn't know i am gay, and neither does any of the members of the ward (church). i don't think i'll tell them, as they'll all freak out and stuff. my parents think it's a phase, but a phase doesn't last 15 years. this whole gay thing probably came about as a result of my ex-step-dad's sexual abuse. this went on for 6 years, 3-4 times a week. he did everything to me a gay partner does. anyway, there is my story. talk to y'all laterz - Jayson P.s - i am a member of the mailing list, so feel free to contact me! later.

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