Joanna Satana

Born: December 1, 1968
Current residence: Dull-Ass, TeXXXass, USA

11/18/01: Questionnaire answers

Favourite Words: Goood One,Right On,Noooo Waaay,Maaaaan,ANd HoW!

Current Residence: In the Satana Cabana

Croutons or Bacon?: Big ol salad dressing soaked croutons with a sprinkle of bacon on top.....

Favourite Salad Dressing: Mmmmmm Ranch or Miso or soooometimes thousand island or honey mustard......

Shampoo or Conditioner?: BOTH DAILY!!!! And Im really obsessive about my shampoos and conditioners......Im VERY picky and try different ones ALL the time

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: AND HOW!

Favourite Colour: depends.......most blue hues......the deeper the better........reds as long as they dont have a lot of orange in with a touch of to be cliche......but this is subject to change at any given moodswing......

One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: One fluffy feather one for my head another beyond fluffy feather one just for company , comfort, and proper sleeping positions

Pets: 4 cats Baloney,Swindle,Crusty, Ash, and 2 dogs Collectively known as the brothers....Dot and Speck.....they are inseparable........and totally NUTS>.....we also have a turtle named Gamera

Favourite Music/Songs: punk rock to opera to schlock and shock (Charles manson sings...crispin Glover) WEirD stuff! Brit Pop. Electronica,Classical,Industrial,Machine Noises,Big band, Jazz,Pock and Roll,GLAM GLAM GLAM , New Wave,New Romantic,Underground,etc etc

Hobbies: music,art,creating and appreciating,bad video,worshipping john waters and ed wood....trying to find time to make really intentionally charmingly terrible terrible short videos.....lots of other things too....

Favourite Foods: anything italian and tomatoey.......chicken rocks...tofu rocks do giant steaks occasionally

Favourite town to chill in: NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!! San Francisco though its been a while.....Florence Italy is Fabulous!London rocks too.....Austin Texas,Houston/Galveston,Texas......anywhere can be cool with the right attitude though.....

Favourite Ice Cream flavour: Chocolate with chocolate with chocolate and peanut butter and and and looooots of cream and fat

Favourite Drink (non-Alcoholic): Coffee drinks, I hate to admit it but Im a Starbucks junkie....but Ill make a mocha or cappuccino just as quickly at home if I have the time.....Mmmmmmm cooooffffeeee! I also live for either Dr. Pepper or Coke.

Adidas, Nike or Reebok?: NO SPORTS SHOES!!!!!! I want HUGE CLUNKY SHOES!!!! Glamorous Platforms.....giant THATS footwear!!!!

Favourite Perfume/Cologne: NOTHING matches my BURNING PASSION for Paloma Picasso....IT KILLS ME..........

Favourite Website:

Favourite Subject in School: Art,and art history and music, and orchestra.

Least Favourite Subject in School: ALGEBRA!!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!!!ITS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME YET!!!!

Favourite Alcoholic Drink: TEQUILLA~~~~~~ sometimes a vodka drink....lemony.....chocolatey drinks are good too sometimes

Favourite Sport to watch: WRESTLING is the ONLY sport!!!!!!!!

Craziest idea or silliest: ALL OF THEM!!! I live for SILLY!!! I am the QUEEN OF CRAZY!!!!!When Im not being the queen of melancholy, that is.....I love my highs but I also love them lows!

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