Little Joe

a.k.a. velvet lips & silk throat

Born: August 23, 1926
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Current Residence: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

7/25/99: Let me introduce myself. I imagine that I will be the oldest on the list. I was born August 23, 1926 in Brooklyn.N.Y. For any thing else you might want to know about me just ask.

7/26/99: I know pretty much about lesbian living as I rented a room to two of them when I lived in Blacksburg,Va. they knew I was Queer so there was a very open relationship with us. Strange I like to be called queer as I don't see any meaning to the word gay. When you see a happy person people say there is a gay person. I would rather be classified as a QUEER than being GAY.

7/27/99: We were called QUEERS before the word Gay ever got in the Homosexual World. I know some of the Queers I grew up with were proud of their sexuality. There were six of us in our school in Brooklyn, N.Y. and there was no one in school that wanted to tangle with us one on one or a group. We all played in some sport or another. One of our teachers was Queer and none in his class ever failed. None of us did any studying and all hated science. He used to give us a special type of things to do and practise. Need I say more.

8/13/99: The one question that made me chuckle was about having sex with a woman or man. My answer would of been men as when I am with a man I feel so protected and feeling that way I feel I receive more enjoyment in sex. I guess I am sort of an authority on the subject. Have been married six times and fathered ten children has given me a little knowledge about how is a better sex partner.

8/15/99: After reading your text I wonder where I have been all my life. I guess you could say I thought of no one but myself. When I would see a article in the paper I would just glance at it and say I don't have to worry it's not about me. Yes I was Gay and in the closet so it didn't pertain to me. It is strange when I was younger I was very opened about my sex preference. But when I arrived in business I went into the closet. Being in a mans world that didn't tolerate queers I went and hide. I was a road driver for many years and there was not to many gays or bi on the road. The few that was out there was a close knit group. Then when I went into management I crawled deeper in the closet. I had climbed from truck driver to terminal manager. The one thing I wouldn't do is join in verbally bashing of gays. I used to feel like a deserter for not speaking out about what and how I felt. Now that I think about it I was worried about money not my fellow gays an lesbians friends.

Hope you can make heads or tails about what I am trying to say. To make it simple I was only worried about myself not the rest of the gay community. I guess they call it self preservation.

8/17/99: There are a few members of my family that has looked in my closet. My mother had known since I was in Grade School As I had said I was very opened about it when in school. My father knew about me as a young man because he used glory holes in the Park near the house. I was in the stall when he put his pennise throgh the hole. When I finished with him he started to walk away and I looked through the hole to see who it was. I was so shocked I blurted out s—t my oldman he stopped dead in his tracks and came back and jerked the door opened. He did not say anything but looked at the door and motioned with his head. He left and I followed him to his car. When I got in the car he asked how long has this filth been going on. I was sitting there thinking if I had ever thought I had done him before. I rememberd the birthmark he had on his pennis. I had done him four or five times before. I started to laugh and asked him if it was so filthy why does he keep returning for blow jobs. I looked down at the front of his pants and there was the bulge there just pulsating. It told me it was a shame him saying it was dirty as here he sat with a full erection wanting it again. Well need I say any more about him now he had his own head giver anytime he wanted it. We had a incestuous affair until he passed away. It led to other sex acts between him and me. My youngest son got nosey one time whan I was out of town. He was in his twentys when he did this. He went into a briefcase I keeped in my closet that contained a few video's I was in. They were real raunchy and kinky. He claims there isnt anything lower on this earth then a QUEER. Now he doesn't even speak to me. I made him look like a fool as he brought my exwife over once when I was gone as he wanted her to see what type of a person I really was. When I saw some one had been in my closet and case I switched them with other xxxx rated film. When he showed my exwife all she said was he has had them for years and she didn't see me in any of them. He was so mad he moved out of my house. The last laugh was on him. No one in the family belives him.

8/22/99: I am very glad to say I am QUEER by birth I feel very lucky to be able to say that. The one's who chose to be Queer by choice I take my hat off to them. The reason for that is they didn't have to go into a closet. They should be very proud of there choice.

9/6/99: here is a very true story that took place in Boston, Ma.

I was driving 18 wheelers at the time. I had to lay over in Boston for the weekend. Several drivers who say they were straight and me went bar hopping. We went into this bar not knowing it was a hangout for lesbians and dykes. We were sitting at a table an about two tables away was sitting one of the most beautiful young ladies I had ever seen. You have to remember the drivers I was with didn't know I was Bi or Gay. Well they dared me to buy her a drink and try to sit with her. Oh yes we had learned what type of a establishment we were drinking in. Me being the biggest dare taker I asked the waitress if she would deliver a drink to the ravishing black hair young lady. Well when the drink was delivered I want to the table and asked if I could sit and talk. When I sat down her lover the waitress came by and drop a subtle hint that they were lovers. She went to wait on the other table and my dear friends told her she didn't have anything to worry about me. They told he I had just gotten out of the Navy because I had had my testicles and penis shot off in Korea. In a short time she walked by the table and suggested I take her sweetheart out to dinner. Well it started a very fine relationship. I told them the truth when I was invited to sleep at their apt. I told them the truth that I was gay and the only way i had sex with a woman was oral only. That friendship lasted for about five years. Then they moved down to the Keys and I lost track of them. it never came to my mind to violate there trust in me.

9/9/99: I feel there isn't any difference between those who are Queer and those who aren't. You have to always feel good about your choice. I am so old I really don't remember if I made a choice or started naturally. But which either way it was I am glad and proud to be QUEER. If a person choices to be QUEER they should stand up and be proud of their decision.

There is one other thing I would like to say; I hear people say the reason I am Queer is some one taught me. To me that is a cop out. If some one did teach them they want to be taught.

Thats all this big mouth has to say this morning.

5/12/00: it was my choice to be queer an I love every cock I have sucked or that has fucked me. So I say to all ONE SHOULD DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO AND THE HELL WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD.


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