Nickname: Queer4U

Born: November 26, 1956
Current Residence: Austell, Georgia, USA

11/16/04: I am a 48 year old Queer male and I have been this way for probably 5 years now. I have always found guys attractive but never really explored my queerness with anyone. I have always had a real feminine side to me but never expressed it openly for a long, long time. About 5 years ago after my divorce, I decided to let it all hang out. I started wearing women's clothing, and going out as a woman. It always feels good to go out as a woman. I am non passable which makes it even better due to the fact that I now want people to know that I am queer and proud. I have no idea whether being queer is something that you are born with or not, but I do know for a fact that it is a choice, and I have made that right one to open up and be the queer I have always wanted to be.

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