John E. U.

Born: 1943
Current Residence: Northwest USA

1/9/06: My Kind of Bi

I am a polyamorous, bisexual, bdsm switch. (Did I leave anything out?) Historically, I have had about three times as many "serious" relationships with women as men. I am perceived as het because I live with a woman. My longest term, most serious otherlove is perceived as lesbian because she lives with a woman. This lover coined the term Bi-separatist, and that is one way we both identify. I also identify as queer. Maybe you don't think I am, If you are one of those buttmunches that doesn't think bisexual men exist. I am not het guy who goes into a phone booth and changes into gay guy. My preferred genders are all of them at once. I can make do with one at a time, but I really like a cock up my butt and my cock in an orifice at the same time. I don't care if the cock is meat or silicone as long as it is wielded by someone I love. I don't care what gender the orifice is either, or if it is an asshole, cunt, mouth or hand. Monosexuals don't do a lot for me, with some exceptions. I don't do much for most gay men, but there are some really yummy exceptions. I do a lot for men who like the smell of pussy on me.

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