Nickname: DJ Pekky

Born: May 21, 1979
Current Residence: Columbia, South Carolina, USA

8/8/03: I had an openly gay teacher who said this: "Limiting all cases of sexuality to nature and not consider any into nurture is missing the point."

That's something that I have had always present.

I think attributing the fondness for particular genders to genetics is missing the point. It is like: I love guys from India, I am incredibly attracted to them... However, a lot of people would find it absurd to say that I am genetically wired to be attracted to them.

One of my favourite teachers in college, who is a friend of my sister, has been a lesbian, and she recently got involved with a man. After having that evidence too close to home, how can I close my eyes to the fluidity of sexuality?

People talk about female sexuality being more fluid than male. I rather see this more as a social construction than something from female brains, or female hormones, or whatnot. I do think that male sexuality is just as fluid, but because of social pressures of masculinity, it is not expressed.

I don't know if I'm identifying as bisexual, because my crushes have been few and far in between, and I am not sure if that will help the visibility of bisexuality. However, if there is a person of the same gender worth sharing my life with, I would go ahead. I don't think my heterosexuality is genetic, but rather a product of me being more comfortable with guys. For a fact, most of my friends and acquaintances are male.

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