Born: July 27, 1962 in Stockholm, Sweden
Current Residence: Malmö, Sweden

11/11/00: I love your page about choice... of course it's a choice, and i'm sick and tired of the lesbigay community saying; look—it's genetical, we can't help it.. we didn't choose.. Pllleeeaassee accept us... *gag*
as I will write on my new site;

The Qat (that's me) says; In the Lesbigay organisations more and more foolishness appears. The Swedish RFSL can serve as a good example; I'm sure this is a global tendency. Lesbians actually discuss whether MTF (male to female) transsexuals should be given access to lesbian meetings, gatherings and parties, or not. The term 'homosexual' is not very popular this day and age—everyone calls themselves stuff like Omnisexual and Pansexual, and being a white, young, straight acting "omnisexual" bisexual man puts you right at the top of the Lesbigay pecking order—especially if you have a girlfriend, because then you are regarded as Not being trapped in gay stereotypes. (I am now vomiting violently) Transsexuals, Leather men, old Queens and all the others that are not discrete enough, young enough, tanned, fit, straight acting and pointless enough can go and jump of a cliff, and not pollute the New Gay Reich with their embarrassing appearances.

The main discussions appears to be how we can achieve a total carbon copy of the heterosexual nuclear family; married, well adjusted, monogamous couples, with adopted children living in a villa in Suburbia with their Volvo and Golden Retriever. Let us all annihilate our identity, history and cultural traits! Let us all internalise all homophobia we can find, scratch each other's eyes out, and cocoon ourselves into oblivion! Let us kiss the ass of the heterosexual oppressor as it shits in our mouths!

is this too rabid? :))

11/12/00: In Sweden [if you say you chose to be queer] they just look at you as if you had said; "Five badgers are less than white flowers.."

2/4/01: [Commenting on American sodomy laws]

Is this for real? Should I laugh or cry? :), :~/
A housewife cant give her husband a little blowjob after sunday mass, but childrens and mentally handicapped are filling the death cells... One has to go to Libya or Pakistan to find similar laws..
(with all due respect kind of)
I am sooo glad I'm in europe...
In Sweden the parliament is about to pass a law allowing same sex couples to adopt children.
All of you.. get out of america... usa must be hazardous to your health..
You are all welcome to stay on my sofa... :)


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