Timothy W.

Born: 1984
Current residence: Maple, Ontario, Canada

5/27/99: My name is Timothy and I'm a 14 year old gay male and proud of it even though I'm still in the closet. I used to be subscribed in 4gayteens but switched to here. I'm from Maple,Ontario,Canada. I hope I get to know you all!

6/26/99: Back in my early years, I liked the things girls do, like play with Polly Pocket, etc. I never really liked the things little  boys do for fun, like play with trucks, etc. As I grew older, I became more attracted to boys. It's like growing up as a girl in the inside and the outside of yourself is a boy.

Depending if you chose to be queer the first place, makes it  possible to make a choice to become hetero again. Making a choice to become hetero is invalid for me. In the past, I tried many ways to change. I tried acting normal and feel the way hetero's feel, I tried to change through prayer and faith, but that didn't work either. All I had left was to accept who I am.

8/22/99: Why I have decided to join this list the first place was to get a view on queer by choice. I never even knew there was even such thing as someone choosing to be queer until I read the list description. . . . After I joined, the thing that surprised me the most is how extremely long people type in their messages. I like the whole list itself, because without this list I probably wouldn't of known the existence of being queer by choice.

8/24/99: The thing that I like to hear about people who chose to be queer is to know about why they chose to be queer the first place and go through the difficult lifestyle this homophobic society has put on queers. If I had a choice to become straight or gay, I would of chose to become straight because I'd love to have my own children, a family, etc.

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