Nickname: Sissy4All

Born: November 26, 1956
Current Residence: Powder Springs, Georgia, USA

7/30/04: I am 47 years old, live in Powder Springs, Georgia, and have been divorced for about 3 years. I have three beautiful daughters,(22-15-and 8). After my divorce of almost 23 years of marriage, I decided that I did not HATE women, but decided that I wanted to be Feminine. I already had many feminine traits, but wanted to become a "Queer" I got sick and tired of just being able to show my masculine side and wanted to show and be my feminine side. So I have shaved my whole body,(except my head) and keep it shaved. I have never worn shorts before, and now I wear short shorts I have now enjoyed the pleasures of wearing stockings, some makeup, panties, and other women's garments. However I do this only once in a while, I would love to be taught to do these things on a regular basis. I would love for a guy, woman, or Transgender, to show me how to be totally feminine, and sissified. If there is anyone that is a member of this group that lives in Cobb County in Georgia that would like to show me all I need to know about being a total sissy, I would love to talk with you and let you teach me. On the other hand I want to communicate with all Queer in this group and become friends.

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