Safe PFLAG Chapters

These chapters are certified as wonderful, absolutely safe and supportive places for queer people of all beliefs and persuasions, as well as their parents, families, and friends. Their leaders are familiar with queer by choice issues as well as other queer issues, and they have committed themselves to upholding our standards for providing a safe environment to people who celebrate our sexual orientations as chosen identities, just as they provide to all other queer people. We give these chapters our highest recommendation!

If you are a queer by choice person seeking support from your local PFLAG chapter and you don't see your chapter on the list above, you may want to go to PFLAG National's PFLAG Chapter Directory and find your chapter's contact information. Let them know that you're in their area, and need to know you can count on them to treat your beliefs with respect. Also, there is an extremely wide variety of attitudes among PFLAG leaders, so if you get a negative response from one chapter leader there may still be others in your chapter who will support you and encourage the unsupportive members to change their attitudes. Keep trying, and if you receive a negative reaction, please consider filling out our Complaint Form. We may be able to provide you with additional resources for changing your chapter leaders' attitudes. The odds are extremely good that we've had contact with your chapter in the past, and we may know of a supportive person in your area who can help convince the current chapter leaders to change their attitudes.

If you are a PFLAG member and would like to submit your chapter to be included on this list, please fill out our submission form.

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